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Building Inspections

Jane Hodges, Permit Technician/Airport Manager, [email protected]                

Our office is located at 1223 Main Street in Swan Quarter, inside the public safety building.
Mailing address: PO Box 188, Swan Quarter, NC 27885
Phone: (252)-926-4372
Fax: (252)-926-3701

Building permits must be obtained through the Inspections Office.  An inspection of the building site must be done prior to the permit being issued.  A fire inspection is also required and can be arranged through the Inspections Office as well.  Please call the office to make arrangements for any necessary inspections.

Elevation maps are available to the public for viewing, however to obtain an Elevation Certificate, the property must be surveyed by a licensed surveyor.  

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Officer is to enforce state and county building codes.  These codes, while sometimes frustrating to property owners, are designed to protect the homeowner and the local environment.

Draft Northeastern NC Hazard Mitigation Plan

Ordinances and Resolutions

Proposed Amendment to Ocracoke Development Ordinance

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

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Permit Fee Schedule

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