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Ocracoke Reentry Procedure

Re_entry_PermitIn the event that Ocracoke Island is evacuated, a delayed reentry is typical to ensure that island infrastructure is safe. Hyde County currently uses a reentry pass procedure to gain access to the island after an evacuation. 

For information on how to obtain a reentry pass click here.

Reentry Pass Priority Levels

1. Red Pass: Emergency, State, and County Personnel

2. Yellow Pass: Essential Island Personnel

3. Green Pass: Resident Property Owners

4. White Pass: Non-Resident Property Owners

Please have your passes hanging when approaching checkpoints or the ferry terminal. You may be denied entry without proper identification. You may be bumped in line by someone with a higher level priority pass. Please be patient during reentry and let everyone do their jobs. Follow any instructions checkpoint or ferry personnel give you. We will be working very hard to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.