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Safe Landings in Engelhard

Engelhard AirportHyde County Airport is publicly owned by Hyde County and is located approximately seven miles north of Engelhard.

Lit from dusk to dawn, the asphalt runway is 4,700 x 100 feet. Pilots should heed the possibility of heavy military air traffic near the airport. Maneuvering for landing and after takeoff should remain over land east of the airport. Also, a variety of wildlife may be on or in the vicinity of the runway.

Improved amenities have been added to the Hyde County Airport, including a newly renovated terminal, resurfaced runway, improved tarmac and lights. Aviation Gasoline is available to airport users, with Master Card and Visa cards accepted for payment at the pump. Also, an Aviation Weather Observing System will be installed.  More tie-downs will be added, as well.

For more information contact:

Jane Hodges, Hyde County Airport Manager, at (252) 926-4349 or (252) 943-4113, email [email protected]

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 Photo: A visiting duck hunter landed safely in Engelhard at dusk. (K. Noble photo)