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Adopt a Hyde County Pet!

Hyde County NC Animal Friends helping find good homesMadison

Pets currently up for adoption 

Madison (top) is a six-month-old pure bred black lab in need of a good home. Unfortunately, her owners had to give her up for adoption, but animal volunteers say she’s sweet and docile. She has not been spayed or vetted.

Daisy (middle) is a small yellow lab mix that is in need of a good home. She was picked up as a stray and is about 10 months old. She is very mild-mannered, but  just a little shy.

Sara Jane (bottom) is a beautiful 6 month old Lab-Mastiff mix that Daisywas surrendered by her owners and has not been spayed or vetted. According to volunteers at the shelter, Sara is a “gentle giant” that will likely get much bigger than her current 50 pounds. She knows simple commands and walks nice on a leash.

To adopt a nes pet, contact Hyde County Animal Control Officer J.M. Eakes at (252) 542-0820.

Animal Control in Hyde is volunteer-based.

Volunteers are collecting donations to help provide food and shelter for stray animals housed at Hyde County Animal Control Shelter. The county program gets little funding and relies on volunteers to donate time, supplies and food. Volunteers have also kicked in to help with adoption with a Facebook page. Sara JaneThanks to these efforts, a few of the animals have been adopted locally, across the state and across the country.

To volunteer, contact Kelly Pellegrino at (252) 542-0558 or Janet Clarke at (252) 928-8080.

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Photo by Kelly Pellegrino