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Request for Sealed Bids

03/02/2018 - In an effort to foster full and effective competition, the County of Hyde is reopening the solicitation for sealed bids for standby/pre-event disaster debris removal services because of adjustments to the request package during the original advertisement period. Current and prospective bidders will be granted an additional ten (10) days to comply with the requirements of the request for sealed bids.

The County of Hyde is soliciting sealed bids from qualified contractors, with experience in disaster management, to provide disaster debris removal services. The prepositioned contract could be activated by the County in response to any natural or man-made event requiring debris removal services. To view the full request for sealed bids click here, please include the following documents in your bid: Fee Schedule, Hourly Rate Schedule.

Bids shall not be accepted by telephone, fax, or any other means except as provided in the full request for sealed bids. The responsibility for ensuring that a bid package reaches the County resides solely with the bidding firm and as such, the County will not be responsible for late deliveries, mail delays, et cetera. No bid shall be accepted by the County after 1:00 PM on Monday, March 12, 2018 and all received bids will be opened immediately following the deadline. The public bid opening will be conducted in the Hyde County Government Center, Multi-Purpose Room located at 30 Oyster Creek Road; Swan Quarter, NC 27885.

The County intends to award a contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. All bids which are received by the deadline will be carefully examined for conformance with the requirements outlined in the full request for sealed bids. Hyde County reserves the right to reject any bid if the County has reason to believe that the bidding firm is unqualified or is financially unable to perform the requisite services. In addition, any bid that does not meet the standards of the County or standards of the field will be subject to rejection.

Upon review, a bid tabulation will be prepared and posted on the local government’s website listed above. The results of the procurement process will be presented at the Hyde County Board of Commissioners’ Meeting scheduled for April 2, 2018 at 6:00 PM. If award is recommended, the selected bid will become contractually obligated upon acceptance by the Hyde County Board of Commissioners and the successful bidder. If the contract is not agreed to within 120 days of award, the bidder will be released from all contractual obligations. Failed contract negotiations or contract execution shall in no way provide cause for a legal claim against the County of Hyde.

Any interested company or firm requiring additional information may contact Justin Gibbs, Hyde County Emergency Services Director, at [email protected]