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Hyde County CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization (CDBG-NR) Program

08/14/2018 - In 2018, Hyde County will apply for CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization funds from the Rural Economic Development Division (REDD) to provide rehabilitation or replacement housing assistance to lower-income homeowner households in Hyde County. This program is sponsored by Hyde County, with funds provided by the Rural Economic Development Division.

Attention - The deadline for the application is Friday, August 24. If you are planning to apply, please turn in the applications as soon as possible!
The county encourages households with lower incomes who occupy substandard housing to contact the county if they would like to be considered for a rehabilitation or reconstruction housing loan (up to 10-year term, 0% interest forgiven loan) offered through the CDBG program.
In order to be considered for assistance, applicants must meet the criteria outlined below:
1. Household income must be at or below:
 Household Size  Income Limit
1  $29,900
2  $34,200
3  $38,450
4  $42,700
5  $46,150
6  $49,550
7  $52,950
8  $56,400

 2. Applicants must be able to document that they have paid taxes due to date and obtained clear title to the property to be assisted at the time the county considers formal applications for CDBG assistance.
3. All households served must occupy a unit with severe water and/or sewer needs or severe structural deficiencies. This program is designed to address housing needs, not minor structural cosmetic improvements.
4. No rental units will be considered for assistance.
5. All units must be located within the limits of Hyde County.
6. Manufactured housing must have been converted into real property if owned and occupied by the homeowner prior to selection.
If you wish to be considered for CDBG assistance, you must return the three attached application forms to the Hyde County CDBG Program Administrator in the attached self-addressed envelope no later than August 24, 2018. At least one of the owners of the property must sign the application form. Please return the three attached application forms in person or by mail to:

Form 1; Form 2; Form 3    To download the information posted in this article, Click Here.
Hyde County Administrative Building
Attn: CDBG Administrator, Planning Department
30 Oyster Creek Road
Swan Quarter, NC 27885
If you require assistance with these forms, please contact the CDBG Administrator at (252) 926-4178 to set up an appointment.