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Hyde employees that go above and beyond

New for 2012, Hyde County is recognizing an “Employee of the Month” to spotlight county employees and the great job they do for citizens, as well as their efforts to make county government run smoothly.

Hats off to these workers and the job they do for Hyde!

August 2012 - Corrinne Gibbs
Corrinne Gibbs, Finance Officer, was recognized as the August Employee of the Month. Chairwoman Spencer reported that Corinne stepped into the role of Finance Officer at one of the busiest times of the year in the Finance office, and shortly after worked tirelessly to manage the paperwork associated with FEMA recovery. All the while, she has patiently trained new employees and carried her duties with proficiency.

July 2012 - Tommy Loftus
Tommy Loftus, EMT-I, was named July Hyde County Employee of the Month. Loftus has been with Hyde County EMS since September 15, 2000 and remains dedicated to the citizens of Hyde County. He served as the EOC dispatcher during Hurricane Irene for four days. He is respected by his peers  and the Vidant-Pungo District Hospital staff.

June 2012 - Alice Keeney
Alice Keeney retired from Hyde County effective June 30, 2012 as the Hyde County Planner and Economic Planner. She held the position for 15 years, attracting new business and nurturing small and start-up business while implementing  and maintaining economic development programs concerned  with retaining business and industry in Hyde County. At her retirement, she was honored with Hyde County Employee of the Month.

May 2012 - Cindy Carawan
Cindy Carawan was named Hyde County's Employee of the Month for May. Carawan, Director of Elections and Veteran Affairs Officer, has been employed with Hyde County for eleven years. She always has a smile on her face and is helpful to all.



Jason DanielsApril 2012 - Jason Daniels

Jason Daniels was named Hyde County’s Employee of the Month for April. Since 2005, Daniels has served as a deputy sheriff on Ocracoke Island, where he lives with his wife and two children. Sheriff David Mason lauded his dedication and said he was an asset to the department. In addition, the Sheriff said Daniels is involved in the community and has excellent respect and rapport among citizens. His dedication even shined through his bout with cancer a few years ago. Daniels was a commercial fisherman prior to becoming a prison guard in 1996. In 2000, he signed on as a deputy with the Belhaven Police Department. In 2003, he began serving Ocracoke Island.


March EOMMarch 2012 – Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson, Accounting Specialist I with the Hyde County Department of Social Services, was named Hyde County Employee of the Month for March 2012. Johnson began work with Hyde DSS in 1981 as a Typist III and has seen four title changes during her 30-plus career. Presently, her job encompasses budgeting, security, transportation, housekeeping and clerical work in DSS. Johnson said keeping up with state and federal regulations and processing the paperwork that comes with them presents the biggest challenge of her job. But through the challenges, Johnson remains dependable, reliable and friendly throughout her work with DSS. Gloria Spencer, DSS Director, said Johnson was an invaluable asset to the department and it was a pleasure to nominate her as the Hyde County Employee of the Month. When she’s not at work, Johnson enjoys relaxing, visiting family, listening to gospel music and watching sports.

 Bob ThomasFebruary 2012 – Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas, who is celebrating 25 years in the Hyde County Water Department, was named Hyde County’s Employee of the Month for February. “This is such a pleasure,” said County Manger Mazie Smith, who described Thomas as an active member in the community, a valuable employee and a friend. She lauded his skill at the water department and said Thomas was known across the state as the “reverse osmosis guru.” He came to work for Hyde at a time when the water quality was very poor and now, with his expertise, Hyde’s water exceeds quality standards. The award was appropriate for Thomas, as it allowed him to go out on a great note with the county. He retired at the end of the March. Public Works Director Clint Berry said Thomas’ retirement would mean the loss of a valuable asset to the water department. Thomas said he plans to continue his hobby of building custom rods and reels and, with a little more time on his hands, he’ll actually get to test his product more.


Jan EOMJanuary 2012 – Annette Swindell

Annette Swindell was first to receive the honor of Hyde County Employee of the Month in 2012. Hyde County Commissioners recognized Swindell as the January Employee of the month at their Jan. 17 meeting, where she was presented with flowers and a certificate. She was hired at Hyde Health Department in 2000 as Administrative Assistant III and later promoted to administrative assistant I in 2006. The board lauded her past accomplishments and significant undertakings, namely her invaluable service in 2008, when Hyde was without a health director. “Annette is a tremendous asset to the health department and the County of Hyde.”


2011 Hyde County Employee of the Year - Kerry Campbell

Kerry CampbellFrom big projects to hurricane aftermath, Hyde County Commissioner Chair Sharon Spencer said Hyde employees definitely went the extra mile in 2011. One employee stood out, though. He worked tirelessly throughout the storm, putting the safety of citizens before his family and he did so with a smile. "He shows up early and leaves late and he's never been known to pass the buck. If you ask him," said Spencer, "he'll do it." When department heads submitted their nominations for the 2011 Employee of the Year, all submissions were for Kerry Campbell.

Spencer was honored to present the new award to Campbell, maintenance technician with Hyde County Public Works. His family attended the county's employee Christmas party to see him accept it.

"I love Hyde County,'' said Campbell, thanking the employees and department heads for the award. He offered little words during the presentation, but made it clear he was humbled and honored by being named Hyde County Employee of the Year.

A smiling Campbell was still reflecting on the honor when asked about it days later. He said he thought it was a little peculiar to find his family seated at the party (staff made the surprise arrangements) and said he was shocked when his name was called as 2011 Hyde County Employee of the Year. "It tickled me real good!"

As part of his duties as 2011 Employee of the Year Campbell will help decide on the 2012 Employee of the Year.