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Hyde County Transit

Take the road less traveled on the Transit. . .

hydecountytransitHyde County Non-Profit Private Transportation Corporation, better known as Hyde Transit, has services for everyone! From senior citizen activities, to work and out of town appointments for all ages, this non-profit organization is dedicated to taking care of the Hyde community’s transportation needs.

The program is administered by Director Beverly Paul, along with assistant Director Peggy Herina.

Transit Services are available to ALL citizens. They’re cheap, too. The most expensive outing iTR Emery Buss a round trip to Greenville that costs $5. Other than that, an in-county ride will cost no more than $1.75.

Click here for the brochure with times, fees and schedules.

It's not just for seniors. . .

Most folks don’t realize they are able to take advantage of these low cost transportation services. It’s been a common perception that Hyde Transit mainly serves the elderly. This is partly true, because the service is quite popular with the seniors. They take advantage of regular trips to the Mattamuskeet Senior Center, as well as out-of-town trips for doctor appointments and errand-running. For many, it reminds them of the bygone service called the “Washington Bus Company” and they look forward to the ride. Socializing is a big plus for seniors too. Paul said they enjoy stopping to eat out together and go shopping.


It's safe  and fun for kids. . . kids on the bus lowres

Seniors aren’t the only ones who socialize aboard the transit bus. Hyde youth uses the system for all kinds of programs, including transportation to and from summer camps, 4-H events and extracurricular activities. “They love to ride the bus,” said the transit director. Like the senior population, the young generation also enjoys the social scene on the bus. Some even plan trips together. What’s more, by learning how to plan for and utilize transportation services at a young age, Paul said kids will likely take advantage of cost-efficient public transportation when they become adults.

Take the transit to work. . .

Statistics show more and more of the working population of Hyde is taking advantage of transit services. Paul said the number of individuals going to work has increased, with many being regular riders. Recently, Hyde Transit has partnered with Rose Acre Farms to provide transportation for shift workers.

Take a trip out of town . . .transit riders

Folks traveling out of town can take advantage of some of the routes provided.  Hyde Transit offers a calender of trips each month. Folks taking classes at Beaufort County Communmity College may be able to utilze some of these services, depending on their class schedule. Paul said due to funding constraints, daily out-of-town trips to BCCC are not available at this time.

Hyde Transit is self-supporting. . .

It’s important to note that Hyde Transit is not funded or facilitated by Hyde County. This non-profit organization is self-sustaining and almost entirely grant-funded, governed by a ten-member board. Members are:

 Malcolm Gibbs - Chairman

Bill Lawrence - Vice-Chairman

Linda Mayo - Treasurer

Hortense Burrus - Secretary

Julio Morales

Pat Oswalt

Wesley Smith

Janet Russ

Barry Swindell

Sterling Tripp


Text by Megan S. Shaw