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About Us

The Hyde County Substance Awareness Task Force is a group of Hyde County professionals and citizens, both on the mainland and the island, who work collaboratively together to address substance use and/or abuse.

The Substance Awareness Task Force (SAT Force) was created in late June 2017 and started our quest for change in our society in July 2017 by holding a large forum consisting of stakeholders from across our great state of NC. At this meeting, many resources gathered and people recognized the inherent need to come to action immediately. Following this large gathering, The SAT Force held forums in each community of Hyde County to determine what the public saw as problems, and get their ideas for addressing those problems. Though each community had different agendas, the compilation revealed the following areas to address:

Treatment options
Law enforcement

The SAT Force has been busy working towards our goals. Funding has been a challenge, but through grant funds awarded by the Kate B. Reynolds Foundation and the NC Community Health Grant Program, our dreams are becoming a reality.

We welcome the community's input and encourage you to reach out and contact us if you have any suggestions, comments or questions. Please, stay tuned and visit this website regularly for updates.