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Ocracoke COVID-19 Entry Updates

Hyde County State of Emergency (COVID-19) - updated 3/30/20 1:00pm

Ocracoke Entry Guidlelines (COVID-19) - updated 3/30/20 1:00pm

Important Notice

On March 30, 2020 the Hyde County Board of Commissioners amended the State of Emergency Order restricting access to Ocracoke. Non-resident property owners and workers that are not actively working on critical repairs of homes and businesses are no longer being permitted entry to Ocracoke. Critical repairs are being defiend as needing a building permit and being time critical. If you can wait to work on your property, please do!

Moving forward, these two classes of people, workers and non-resident property owners, will need to submit the application below to be issued a temporary permit to access the island.  If you are a non-resident property owner or worker and are not actively working on rebuilding efforts that require a building permit, you will be denied an entry permit. Permanent Ocracoke Re-enry Tags that are Red, Yellow, or Green will still be allowed access. You do not need to use this application for entry. 

COVID-19 Non-Resident Property Owner and Contractor Entry Application